Giusti cold system

Giusti Cold Systems S.r.l. was established in 1989 by Stefano Giusti as an individual firm and expands from 2006 till today in response to an increasing attention towards the facilities dedicated to larger vessels.

Giusti Cold Systems is a nautical equipment partner as regards air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration and may rely upon the expertise of an adequate consultancy to shipyards and designers, but, above all, in the customization of nautical installation.

Giusti Cold Systems, grazie anche al proprio Know-how, ha come obiettivo quello di soddisfare le esigenze dei clienti più attenti e di ottenere un’altissima customer stisfaction.

High levels of quality and control in accordance with national and international safety and quality standards Giusti Cold Systems’ strenght is in people and in their ability to learn accepting new challenges. Thanks to its own Know-how, Giusti Cold Systems is intended to meet customer requirements. The demand doesn’t end with the conditioning systems. Refrigerator systems are of particular importance too. Refrigerator furniture, stainless steel freezer and cold rooms are fully customizable.
Moreover, in recent years Giust Cold Systems specialized in refrigeration for onboard wine cellar and so forth.


Via Traversagna 4
Migliarino Pisano ( PI)
P.Iva 01785690502


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