Giusti Cold Systems


sistemi di controllo giusti

MONITORING: In this area you find monitoring systems who run the conditioning machinery easily and intuitively always trying to keep under control the environment we want to live in. Checks can manage by default the hot and cold in order to improve comfort onboard.

ventilazioni prodotti marini

VENTILATION: We provide different solutions to keep a cool and dry environment. The adjustable ventilation provides functionality and maximum comfort with the highest concern for noise.


CONDITIONING: Air conditioning units for all types of vessels of different sizes and power are implemented according to the customer’s needs. Of particular importance is the adaptability of the available spaces maintaning quality standards.


ACCESSORIES: We provide accessories and spare parts in order to improve the performance of our installations (air filters, piping, soundproof pipes, discharge and aspiration grills, tubes, hydraulic and electical parts).


REFRIGERATES STOREFRONTS AND FREEZER:Refrigerated Storefronts and FreezerRefrigerator and freezer suitable to all types of vessel, customized solutions. Refrigerated groups (12V, 24V, 220V, 380V) may be incorporated to the fridge or separated. Air/water cooling, or combined with the management of electronic devices.


WINE CELLAR: Custom-built wine cellars, according to the customer’s needs or to the architects’ drawings. Wine cellars made in a modern or classical space, maintening and cooling wine cellars, with temperature and humidity control.

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